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1 3 5 6 7 #2 Full Hardy Bagpipes, Fully Combed and Beaded, Gold coloured Nickel stocks and Full Imitation Ivory, Medium Canmore Zip Bag & Bottle, Ezeedrones, Black cover and Red Cords.  R. T. Shepherd Chanter,  Kilter case. #3 Full set Lawrie Bagpipes, Nickel Silver ferules and Imitation Ivory extensions, Fully Combed and Beaded  Shepherd Chanter, “Ezeedrone” reeds. Medium Goretex bag.  Blue Cover with white fringe, White cords.  Black “Kilter” case. #7 ½ Size set in Rosewood. Unknown Maker (Lawrie?)  Nickel Silver ferules with wooden projections.  Imitation Ivory Drone caps. Fully Comber and Beaded. McMurchy ½ Chanter. Cane reeds. Small canmore New “Thistle” Case #8 Full set of Pipes	by Peter Henderson. Real Ivory projections and ring caps with Nickel silver ferules. Fully Combed and Beaded,  Ezeedrones fitted, Shepherd Poly chanter.  Regulator bag & bottle filter Black cover with Red wool fringe, Red Silk cords